QE2 Recreation Field

There has been a recognised shortage of recreational space within the parish for many years, something that the Parish Council hope to remedy through the proposed Queen Elizabeth II Recreation Field. As has been widely publicised through our regular newsletters, the Parish Council have been in long discussion with Oxfordshire County Council surrounding acquiring additional land, north of Cottage Road for recreational purposes.

Negotiations have taken significantly longer than we imagined, due to complexities surrounding the possible contamination of the soil in question by leachate from the former landfill site. This was further exacerbated by potential liability of the County Council to rectify the site, should it be found to be contaminated in the future. However, the detailed investigations/analysis of the soil & groundwater have established that there are very low levels of contamination (levels which are insignificant to human health), and no radioactive contamination was detected at all. The full results of these investigations can be found below.

Despite our best efforts to minimise delay, lengthy lease negotiations were completed during 2016. Since then, we have sought and agreed with the County Council (as landlord) to dismantle and bury the power lines that were crossing the site. The powerlines were buried in late 2018, thanks to the combined support of the Public Purposes Charity and Vale of White Horse District Council both of whom made generous grant funding allocations to the village, as well as the invaluable contribution made by AH Willis & Sons Ltd who arranged to dig and backfill the trenches to SSE specifications at no charge to the village.

Technical work is currently underway to determine a levelling plan and model, which must again be approved by the County Council, before the site can be levelled. We are extremely grateful to Earthline Ltd who have offered to level the site for us free of charge, once the levelling plan is approved. An artist's impression of the the final site can be found below - the image is for illustrative purposes only, all works are subject to the necessary planning permission.



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