OCC Budget Consultations

Whilst still to be confirmed, Oxfordshire County Council are provisionally expecting to have to make additional savings, totalling somewhere in the region of £50 million for the forthcoming financial year, on top of all the savings that have been made annually since 2010.

Details of the county's current consultations can be seen online here.

Alternatively, a PDF containing details of their current proposals to find these savings can be downloaded by clicking here

We are actively campaigning to retain as many local services as possible, as well as challenging the County Council (both their officers and councillors) where the justifications/business cases presented do not add up. Please be aware that the County Council's position in various areas is still emerging and can be subject to change. For ease, we will include our consultation responses here - if you feel strongly regarding the necessity of a particular service, then please contact your County Councillor, Cllr. Melinda Tilley. Please do bear in mind that the County Council must deliver a balanced budget, suggestions as to how they could better prioritise their spending/cuts may assist the County Council in reaching decisions that are better for all concerned, rather than simply campaigning to retain a particular service.

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